An electric wheelchairis a mobility aid that is frequently used by many physically handicapped people. Electric Wheelchairs are also useful for people who suffer from temporary disabilities. With a wide variety of chairs available, one can become confused while purchasing. The easiest way to choose a particular chair is by trying or testing a number of them. Make sure that the electric chair is comfortable and easy to use.

Wheelchairs for a more self-sufficient life

Basic wheelchairs are ideal for shorter distance journeys. Some types are also foldable in design so that they can be loaded in a vehicle for longer distances. A typical wheelchair has a footrest or footpads that provide support for the legs, and armrests that provide support for the hands and arms. There are also advanced Power Chairs that come equipped with latest features. Powerchairs are often more manoeuvrable, and feature better braking systems than basic wheelchairs.

Lightweight electric wheelchairs can be dismantled easily and carried along from one place to another. Whilst basic wheelchairs are ideal for temporary disabilities, motorised chairs are also suitable for people who have upper body disabilities.

A wheelchair is an excellent tool for the disabled as it provides the feeling of being independent.

Gain mobility independence through power chairs

There was a time when the elderly and disabled people could not move out of their homes on their own as they needed someone to assist their every move. Themselves or their family and friends were unsure of their abilities and stopped them from doing things. Whatever might be the case, it confined them to their homes at times they would rather be out.

However, those days are long gone. With the available technology, there have been various things devised to make moving around, at any time of the day easy for these people. Through the use of power chairs, disabled and elderly people can get the independence that they have always desired. Power chairs are a sleeker looking version of electric wheelchairs and have motors and batteries that power them.

Power chairs are a bit taller, however, like usual electric wheelchairs they are manoeuvred by a joystick which is in the armrest. The seat of a power chair is very different from that of a usual wheelchair though. The back rest of these seats are a little higher and allow for a more comfortable sitting position.

The armrests on these chairs can be folded to make getting on and off it easy. There are also foldable models available which make storing power chairs better when not in use.